For those who are really observant and take note of development among artists, they will be able to notice some amazing things. This is true especially regarding the making of money to support oneself as an artist. There is a category of artists who are really wealth, in fact, some have been able to make millions upon millions of dollars from what they have done. In stenciling, this is also the case, there are stencil artists who are really comfortable but on the other hand, there are some stencil artists who are simply not making enough money. This article is to serve as a guide for stencil artists on ways by which they can monetize their passion.

  • Make use of the Internet: There is clearly nothing today that rivals the Internet when it comes to the sheer abundance of information or the scope of its extent and the opportunities that it provides for those who have things to sell. As a stencil artist, there are several platforms in cyberspace where you can advertise and sell your products. Many of the stencil artists who have struck gold also chose this path. You can start buy building up your presence on the various social media pages like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and so on then you start making your money as you direct your fans to your sales page. This is one of the most effective ways to monetize stencil works.
  • Making use of offline base: Yes, the Internet is good but you as an artist can also make some very good sales and transactions off the Internet. One lovely way to get this done is to have your base of clients then sell to them directly. By selling directly, you are cutting off the need to give commissions to middle men or affiliate marketers and this will translate into more profits for you.
  • Get involved socially: People tend to love gifted personalities who show interest in causes for humanity. As a stencil artist, one other way by which you can increase your base and also get more clients for your works is to involve yourself in several social activities and events. This has always been considered to be a good move.
  • Share the knowledge: Monetizing stenciling can also be done if you decide to pass on some of the knowledge you have been able to gather over the years to the next generation. Holding teaching sessions and seminars is another fantastic way of making more income from your works and experience.
  • Enter the world of freelancing: With boldness, become a freelancer and all of a sudden, an entirely new platform full of opportunities will be laid before you. Today, there are several online platforms where freelance artists can sell their works to numerous customers from different parts of the globe. Registration on these platforms can be done in seconds, and after you set up your profile, all you have to do is to share the link and let everyone know about what you have to offer – that is another brilliant way to increase income!