If there is any type of art that can be considered very popular in all human societies on the planet, then it has to be stenciling. Stenciling is so widespread and easy to relate with that it is observed in all cultures across the globe.

Stenciling is a kind of art where pigments, inks and paints are utilized in the formation of images, patterns or designs on another layer on which a material had been arranged prior. These other materials can be simple paper, wood, glass or all kinds the metallic substances. The space that exist between the materials and the surface is what provides the appearance of the charming designs, letterings and others. Because of the way stenciling is, it has found various uses in different spheres of life. The sections below talk about some of these areas where stenciling is used.

  • Duplicating systems: In some kinds of duplicating machines, very copious use of stencils is done. This is particularly true in cases where mimeographs are produced. The results can come out as just black or white or in several colors.
  • Printing: The time that printing was first invented, it was far from being perfect. It was a very stressful activity and applying printing one single book was best described as a hellish experience. But with the coming of stencils, efficiency levels in the printing world jumped. With stencils, printers suddenly discovered that they could use the same template over and over again. Because of the reusability of stencils, there was no need to go through the immense stress of depending on printing plates that can be used just once. So the introduction of stencils in the printing industry was like a revolution as it made the process faster and printers could turn out huge output in a relatively short duration. Till date, this practice is still actively used and one of the best things about stencils is that they can be used over and over again without any significant damage to their quality.
  • Offices and organizations: In many corporate environments today, stencils have become some of the most dominant items around. This is widely seen in offices, enterprises, ventures and so on. A very good illustration of this is the use of stencils to put letterings, symbols, stamps and others on official documents and corporate files. In a situation where stencils are not used in the office space, it will be difficult to get files identified easily and this of course will reduce productivity in the work space and also cause an increase in the cost of doing business. In a situation where businesses are all about maximizing profits and reducing losses to the barest minimum, making use of stencils in the process of business transactions sounds like a good economic move.
  • Social activities: Stencil art is one type of creative arts that has been heavily used in the pursuit of different social activities across the globe. A prime example that can be used as an illustration in this case is graffiti. In different countries, graffiti images have been used to fight governments, fight for causes or used to totally shake up the entire system.