Some may be surprised to know that there are several applications for creative arts in the military and armed forces of countries across the globe. One of the most durable forms of arts today is stenciling and it has been practiced by human beings for thousands of years. Over time, it became adopted in different areas and fields and the military is one of them. In the military circles, stenciling has found many uses and applications and in this article, these applications will be discussed.

Militaries all over the globe have billions of dollars allocated for them in annual budgets. Much of these funds are devoted to the design, purchase and design of countless cars, trucks and all kinds of equipment needed for transport and logistics. The thing with these vast tools is that they have to be individually marked for easy identification. The best and most effective way to get this done is via the use of stencils. The military quickly discovered this practice and they have steadily kept to using it since. When considering the army trucks alone, there are so many of them that the stencils to be used are virtually countless. There are many reasons as to why the military have decided to make use of stencils. Stencils are very clear, not complicated to make and can also be swiftly changed in matter of seconds. In the military, there are several moments where the correct marking is the only thing that will save the lives of soldiers.

So as to ensure that the stencils are done as expected and for them to meet the highest standards of quality, there are departments of the military and armed forces that are solely concerned with the making and maintenance of the stencils. In the military, there are different stencil style fonts widely used and these include World War II, Early World War IIB, Military Block A, Standard Military Stencil B and so many others. Some creative army artists also add their own individual twists to the designs as well.

As a result of the fact that activities and operations in the military are usually confidential and highly-classified, there are specific individuals who are trusted enough to handle these stencil works. In the army, there are professionals and experts who are also part of the military whose sole responsibility is getting these stencils done. These include bumper numbers, paint mask hood, stencil stars, numbering, special lettering and others.

In the armed forces, some of the most used items are helmets and other protective gear. The stencils that are produced are not put to use by the army alone, they are also used by the special forces, intelligence units, the naval forces and the air forces as well. In some other cases, the stencils are used by the paramilitaries such as the immigration and the customs. It is amazing to know that even though stencils are very visible in the military, even the general public does not seem to fully grasp how important and integral these stencils are.