One area of life that has gripped the entire planet with awe and wonder is art. From the beginning of time, creative artists have dazzled all of humanity with the sheer depth and brilliance of their works. One of these types of creative arts is stenciling and it is one that has been with humans since the beginning of time. Not a few people have managed to make a big success of their careers as stencil artists. This piece is going to discuss some of the legends in the field of stenciling from different parts of the globe and also touch on some of their background information and their achievements.

  • Alex Vallauri: Born in Ethiopia in 1949, this Brazilian legend is considered and respected widely as one of the pioneering spirits of street art and graffiti in the nation. It was after he came to Brazil with his family that he started learning the art style of engraving. He would later attend institutions to gain even more knowledge and by the late 1970s, he was already doing graffiti in Brazil. While he was doing this, he was still focused on learning as much as possible about the technique of engraving. Apart from city walls, Vallauri was known for also using other medium like fabrics, stickers and so on. He was a master at graffiti, and he was most comfortable with stenciling as his technique.
  • Jef Aerosol: France is known to have produced some of the most gifted artists on the planet and this is the same when it comes to the field of stenciling. Jef Aerosol is an established genius who dominates the field of stencil art in Europe, since the early 1980s, he has been at the front promoting urban art. It was in 1982 that he painted his first stencil and since then he has done a lot of work on several walls. A productive artist, Aerosol is featured in different art galleries within and outside France.
  • Banksy: The story of Banksy in the world of stenciling is a very interesting and this is because no one really knows who Banksy is. He has managed to remain unidentified and we know him mainly from his outstanding works of art. Also considered to be a vandal, the England-based street artist, activist and director of films, some of his stencil works are now on walls, streets and bridges in different parts of the world. One of the finest minds in stencil arts, Banksy was given the Person of the Year Award in the year 2014.

Christopher Wool: Born in 1955, this American artist is based in New York and Texas and he is also married to an artist. He is one of those few stencil artists who are also highly regarded as painters. Some of his best-known works are actually massive black, stenciled letters done on white canvases. A fellow of the American Academy of Rome, he was awarded with the Wolfgang Hahn Prize amongst other prizes.