One of the most captivating things ever crafted by human beings is creative art. And whenever the talk is about creative arts, then it is not complete without the mention of stenciling which is one of the most amazing forms of arts anywhere on earth. However, not everyone has a really broad understanding of what stenciling is all about.

That is why the core purpose of this article is to focus on stenciling and discuss some of the most interesting things about it. Stenciling can be defined as the art form in which images and patterns are produced by putting pigments or paints on a surface but in a way that there is a material is placed in between so that it produces ‘vacant portions’ and when the material is removed, some parts are covered by the paint and some are not covered by it. It is this contrast that produces the enchanting images, patterns and designs.

At the end of the process, the image or pattern that is produced is not the only thing that is called the stencil but also the material that was placed in between the two sides. Several types of materials can be used to produce stencils but the most well-used items for this purpose are plastic, ceramic, glass, wood, paper and even metallic substances are used. Stenciling is not difficult to do if you are able to master the basic and fundamental steps which basically starts with cutting out the letters, numbers, symbols or images from the stencil material. The next step after this is that the object is arranged upon the surface and it is on this surface that the patterns are made with the ink, pattern or pigment via the spaces that have already been cut into the material.

In order to apply the paint onto the surface over the stencil material, it can be done using a regular brush or in some cases a spray tube can be used. A major advantage with stencil art is that the same stencil can be used countless times to make the same design, image, letter and so on. What this means is that as an artist, you do not have to keep making fresh stencils over and over again during each session. Even though some stencil artists have invented some new ways to modify how they create and use their own stencils. But the main point being driven at here is that the same stencil can be used for years as a long it is kept away from damage.

In art circles, stenciling is also referred to as pochoir. One thing with stenciling that many are still not aware of is that stenciling is not a recent form of art. As a matter of fact, stenciling is so old that is has been done by humans right from the prehistoric eras. From time to time, newer paintings and art forms are discovered in caves in far-flung places of the planet and the greatest discovery is that they were all made using stencils.