Very few things are as interesting as the creative arts and talking of arts, stenciling is one of the most wonderful types of arts. But what is this form of art all about? This piece is going to dwell on shedding more light on what stenciling is all about and why it is so interesting for many all over the globe. The best description for stenciling is that it is the art of making images or producing patterns via the application of paint or pigment onto a surface but with the use of an object in between in such a way that object has gaps or spaces in between so that the paint or pigment can only reach certain parts of the surface.

What is eventually called the stencil at the end is not only the image, pattern or text that is produced but the object placed in between as well. Many types of materials can be used as a stencil but in most cases, flimsy materials like paper, wood, plastic or even metal are used. It is quite straightforward because the first step is simply to cut the letters or symbols or whatever pattern the artist has in mind from the stencil material (which can be paper or plastic). After this is done, the object is placed over the surface on which the designs are to occur then the paint or pigment is applied through the holes or spaces that have already been made in the material.

Application of the paint can be done using simple brush or even a spray container. One of the greatest benefits of this type of art is that the stencil that has been made can be used countless times to replicate the same numbers, symbols, designs, patterns or letters. Therefore, one does not need to make stencils all over and over again whenever it is needed. However, this is not to state that some stencils cannot be designed to be used once only but the fact of the matter is that stencils are mainly designed to be used multiple times. Once a stencil has been used, it is removed from the surface and kept in a safe place until it is to be reused.

In the world of visual and creative arts, stenciling is often called pochoir in the art jargon. An interesting thing with stenciling is that it is actually not a new art form but one that has been with humans for thousands upon thousands of years. For example, it is believed that the spectacular paintings seen in prehistoric caves all over the globe were made with the use of stencils. It is believed that some of these paintings were made with the aid of hand stencils and then evolved over time. The durability, excellence and quality of these paintings show clearly the resilience of stenciling. In recent times as compared with prehistoric period, stenciling has also been adapted in screen printing techniques where ink is employed for the same reasons why it has endured for so long – simplicity, clarity and durability.