It has been long established that there is no creative energy greater than the arts and one of the most unique forms of arts is stenciling. This time-tested type of art has been with humans for tens of thousands of years and today, stenciling has not diminished in importance. As a matter of fact, stenciling is rising in prominence and one of the reasons for this is the array of superstar stencil artists who are using their status and fame to even promote the art even further. This piece is about the famous stencil artists across the globe.

  • Tavar Zawacki: Based in Berlin, Germany, this American artist is a legend in his space. A very productive intellectual, he is known for signing all his artworks with his nickname ‘ABOVE’, Zawacki has a very interesting story. While he was still a teenager, he took a radical decision when he got a one-way ticket from California and flew to France with little more than his bag of art supplies. In 2000, he exploded onto the art scene in a very big way in the French capital. Born in California in 1981 to hippie father and mother who gave him the unique name, Zawacki, his parents gave him all the support he needed to groom his skills in the entertainment sector with special focus on music and art. By the time he was 13, he was already doing stencil graffiti. He remained focus on his work so much so that by 2008, he was already using stencil art to fight for social justice. In Spain, he even made a big stencil work addressing the unemployment level in the country.
  • Dot Dot Dot: This is the nickname of the very reclusive stencil graffiti expert from Oslo in Norway. Even though he has been working since the 1990s and commenced major work in 2007, he remains unknown as ever but he continues his stencil works.
  • Nick Walker: One of the most famous stencil artists in Europe, this British professional is known all over the globe for his thought-provoking works.
  • Josh MacPhee: Based in Brooklyn, New York, MacPhee is a living legend as far as stencil art is concerned. He studied at the prestigious Oberlin College and he finished from the institution in 1996 then he moved to Chicago where he practiced his arts for almost a decade. MacPhee is so good and knowledgeable that he wrote a book on this dazzling form of art. The book is titled Stencil Pirates: A Global Study of the Street Stencil.
  • Sten and Lex: These two artists from Italy are regarded as masters of street stencil art. Both born in 1982, they are known for transforming the faces of major capitals of Europe with their art. One very special thing about the duo is that they are considered to be the very first stencil artists in all of Italy, as they introduced street graffiti to the country. This list is by no means the most exhaustive, but it offers a peep into the world of talented geniuses.